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Aletta & Leah K

Before the Shoot : Aletta : I’m so glad that i’m having a shoot today ! I haven’t done a shoot in a few month’s but now i’m back ! Leah is a very pretty girl and very sexy …

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Age: 18 | Height: 162 cm | Libra Before the Shoot : My windscreen was frozen this morning ! Lolz.

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Before the Shoot : So … it’s super coooooold right now ! But since I got a lovely cup of tea …. I’m goood ! Every body here is great ! After the Shoot : So ..

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Glynn & Alinta

Age: 21 Height: 167 City: Melbourne Before the Shoot : Before doing my first Teir 2 I was pretty nervous had million different thoughts running thru my mind not knowing what to expect but at the same time really excited with the adrenaline pumping. After the Shoot : I had a rush of mixed feelings I still couldn’t believe that I actually did it but I was really happy that I did was my first girl on girl experience and Im glad to share with abby :) Alinta for Abby Winters Before the Shoot : Hey ( again!) from the glorious glynn!!! ( and gorgeous, great, etc …) Weel you couldn’t keep me away long… I think I just might be an exibitionist, I love doing shoots for this site! I’m looking forward especially to getting nekkid with Alinta (hehehe !!!) Anyways off to it! After the Shoot : Guess what

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Before the Shoot : This is the second shot of me ! But i’m still nervous either. Its still exciting even the second time. But i think this is different a little bit …

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Age: 21 Height: Various City: Melbourne Before the Shoot : I am a little nervous but also quite excited as I enjoy pleasuring the ladies so it will be most fun and enjoyable ! After the Shoot : I had a fantabulous shoot with Fallon, she’s so cute and hot and I love seeing her cum all over my face.

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Age: 19 Height: 173 Before the Shoot : I’m so excited to be back ! I’ve been almost begging Abby to take me in again so i could come in and have more fun ! I’m feeling so excited. Lost for words, apparently it’s so cool that us … women get to feel so empowered …

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Jessie T

Before the Shoot : So excited to be part of this project – fun & ethical & pretty ! Love Amsterdam already – Just nude modelling today – already looking forward to more ! After the Shoot : The shoot was great fun & I loved how it slowly moved from fully clothed to nude.

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Age: 24 Height: 179 Before the Shoot : … excited of location and the team today ! surely very funny After the Shoot : It was really so funny, climbing into a tree and hanging around in the tree … i’m very excited to see the video and photos

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Renae D

Before the Shoot : I’m doing a solo again today and I think I am going to mix it up a little from last time if I don’t get too shy. Wish me luck ! Either was I know it will be fun since I’ll get to have a cha and talk someone’s head off. After the Shoot : I had such a great time with Nichole.

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Eliza S & Sebastien

Before the Shoot : Eliza S : Eliza is my name, nice to meet you ! I’m excited about getting down with mon homme ! He is so hot and as an amazing body ! He makes me scream ( in French of course oh ouiii ! ) Sebastien : Today I’m trying something totally new and exciting … getting my girldriend naked and having sex with her in front of a camera … To be frank I’m a little bit nervous, but I can’t wait to hear her screaming my name.

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Age: 25 Height: 175 City: Melbourne Before the Shoot : This afternoons shoot is going to be romantic because : it’s a sunset shoot Patience is shoting my video We’re going to be a farm somewhere far away … After the Shoot : There was an awesome moment when the sun broke through the clouds, it was when Patience was doing my video, can’t wait to see that. Great location, the other girls where very hot also Anneke for Abby Winters

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Before the Shoot : I whas eating a lovely sandwich and I wass not nervous at all. After the Shoot : I whas really happy because it whas a great day and everything goes right

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Age: 25 | Height: 152 cm | Libra Before the Shoot : I have a picture in my mind of a smokey atmosphere and me coming out all dolled up and feelin sexy and horny and the whole day/night will be mine and whoever I desire very erotic and sensual. mm mmm! After the Shoot : Holy crap !!! Whatta fun shoot.

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Kylie H

Follow the beautiful dark haired Kylie into the long grass as she takes you deep into the heart of a hot, sticky and very humid outdoor location! Moving down the path her cute and very short little skirt lifts, giving you glimpses of her cute little bum.

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Before the Shoot : So sleepi, dindt want to get out of my bed ! Solo shoot today, hope I start feeling sexier in bit. Looked at the fantasy book to get myself in mood to play …

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Age: 25 | Height: 168 cm | Sagittarius Before the Shoot : It looks like its going to rain really soon. I love this weather.