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Age: 22 | Height: 165 cm | Capricorn Before the Shoot : Had a nice brekkie. Sun is shining.

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Age: 26 | Height: 165 cm | Libra Before the Shoot : It’s Alma here ! I’m back for more … fun !! After the Shoot : I had an awesome day ! Hope to see you again soon Alma for Abby Winters

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Aletta & Leah K

Before the Shoot : Aletta : I’m so glad that i’m having a shoot today ! I haven’t done a shoot in a few month’s but now i’m back ! Leah is a very pretty girl and very sexy …

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Age: 18 | Height: 162 cm | Libra Before the Shoot : My windscreen was frozen this morning ! Lolz.

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Nadia A

Name Nadia A Age: 22 Height: 172 City: Melbourne This is her sencond set. Find more of her here : Nadia A 200 pics avaible at for this set + 42 dressing room pics.

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Glynn & Alinta

Age: 21 Height: 167 City: Melbourne Before the Shoot : Before doing my first Teir 2 I was pretty nervous had million different thoughts running thru my mind not knowing what to expect but at the same time really excited with the adrenaline pumping. After the Shoot : I had a rush of mixed feelings I still couldn’t believe that I actually did it but I was really happy that I did was my first girl on girl experience and Im glad to share with abby :) Alinta for Abby Winters Before the Shoot : Hey ( again!) from the glorious glynn!!! ( and gorgeous, great, etc …) Weel you couldn’t keep me away long… I think I just might be an exibitionist, I love doing shoots for this site! I’m looking forward especially to getting nekkid with Alinta (hehehe !!!) Anyways off to it! After the Shoot : Guess what

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Mandy M

Age: 20 Height: 154 City: Melbourne Before the Shoot : Hey guys, A good day at the beach… Hopefully its not to cold. I’m a bit worried that there will be heaps of people there but well see :) After the Shoot : Hi again, We just finished shooting at the beach..

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Age: 22 | Libra Before the Shoot : You can call me selfish, but you know what’s the best thing of a solo shoot ? That all the attention is focussed on you ! Consequently I’m more than glad to be here today for another redux one. What’s it going to be this time – I mean about the creative part of things

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Before the Shoot : This is the second shot of me ! But i’m still nervous either. Its still exciting even the second time. But i think this is different a little bit …

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Age: 21 Height: Various City: Melbourne Before the Shoot : I am a little nervous but also quite excited as I enjoy pleasuring the ladies so it will be most fun and enjoyable ! After the Shoot : I had a fantabulous shoot with Fallon, she’s so cute and hot and I love seeing her cum all over my face.

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Jessie T

Before the Shoot : So excited to be part of this project – fun & ethical & pretty ! Love Amsterdam already – Just nude modelling today – already looking forward to more ! After the Shoot : The shoot was great fun & I loved how it slowly moved from fully clothed to nude.

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Age: 20 Height: 169 Before the Shoot : I enjoyed the last one a lot, hope this one is even better ! After the Shoot : Thanks very much, it was fun, fast and easy with you guys… Looking forward to newt one.

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Age: 18 Height: 170 Before the Shoot : I’m tired but excited … it’s my second shoot for AW and its a ‘terrible’ day. But that’s alright i’m sure it will be fun fun fun.

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Age: 24 Height: 162 City: Melbourne Before the Shoot : Well I guess I’m nervous but excited too there is nothing like getting your gear off with a complete stranger while you get to know each other.

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Natasha M

Age: 23 Height: 175 City: Melbourne Before the shoot : I’m really looking forward to playing around today on my shoot. It’s going to be a laugh with Jacki and Emmalee filming. Never don anything like this before so it’s all new ..

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Eliza S & Sebastien

Before the Shoot : Eliza S : Eliza is my name, nice to meet you ! I’m excited about getting down with mon homme ! He is so hot and as an amazing body ! He makes me scream ( in French of course oh ouiii ! ) Sebastien : Today I’m trying something totally new and exciting … getting my girldriend naked and having sex with her in front of a camera … To be frank I’m a little bit nervous, but I can’t wait to hear her screaming my name.

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Age: 20 Height: 169 City: Melbourne Before the Shoot : Mon prénom est Ariel, j’ai 20 ans presque 21 ans et je suis arrivée en Australie il y

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Lena J

Before the Shoot : I’m so excited !!! And I’m so proud of myself that I decided to become a model for Abby Winters ! I made sure to look my best today, and I look fantastic ! After the Shoot : I’ve had a fantastic shoot! Everybody was very nice to me and I can honestly say that this was the best shoot I’ve ever had ! I want to thank everyone from the team ! Lena J for Abby Winters

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Jade S

Before the Shoot : Looking forward to my last shoot of the week for AW ! I’m excited and really happy about how the weeks going and I can’t wait to get back to England to see my friends :) Enjoy … After the Shoot : I loved my shoot today ! I love AW soooo much they are THE best ! My video was really sexy and I was really horny :) I got really wet and wild