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Jenna K

Before the Shoot : Hi, today a solo shoot AGAIN ! I love to do shoots for abby winters. It’s fun and nice to do. I am really happy with AW After the Shoot : Today a solo shoot directed by Nichole.

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Age: 19 Height: 173 Before the Shoot : I’m so excited to be back ! I’ve been almost begging Abby to take me in again so i could come in and have more fun ! I’m feeling so excited. Lost for words, apparently it’s so cool that us … women get to feel so empowered …

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Age: 20 Height: 170 City: Melbourne Before the Shoot : Its my second shooting but i’m still exited ! Und es ist Freidag ich freu mich schon aufs Wochenende After the Shoot : Today I had a bath. It was fun to play in the warm water ! Violeta for Abby Winters

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Hayley F

Age: 25 | Height: 165 cm | Libra Gorgeous full lips surround Hayley’s cute suggestive smile, her large, deep eyes staring at you willing you to stay and watch her undress. And if you do stay you’ll be more than happy you did; peeling off her clothing Hayley reveals her perfect tight body and pert arse, barely covered by the most sensual of underwear sets. Arching her back, pushing back that perfect bum and pulling tight the purple bed throw, Hayley sexually flirts with you and herself in the mirror opposed the bed.

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Lacie & Nichole

Before the Shoot : Lacie : I’m really looking forward to my shoot with Nichole. I’m looking forward to feeling her massive boolas and sucking them :) Aaah I can’t wait ! Nichole : OMG i’m sooo excited ! It’s my first shot since months …

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Age: 23 | Height: 153 cm | Leo Before the Shoot : Woo ! Hoo ! This shoot is going to be outdoors which I love because being naked ooutdoors males me feel so free nad confident. Also shooting with lollypops hee hee should be fun

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Eliza S & Sebastien

Before the Shoot : Eliza S : Eliza is my name, nice to meet you ! I’m excited about getting down with mon homme ! He is so hot and as an amazing body ! He makes me scream ( in French of course oh ouiii ! ) Sebastien : Today I’m trying something totally new and exciting … getting my girldriend naked and having sex with her in front of a camera … To be frank I’m a little bit nervous, but I can’t wait to hear her screaming my name.

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Age: 20 Height: 169 City: Melbourne Before the Shoot : Mon prénom est Ariel, j’ai 20 ans presque 21 ans et je suis arrivée en Australie il y

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Age: 25 Height: 175 City: Melbourne Before the Shoot : This afternoons shoot is going to be romantic because : it’s a sunset shoot Patience is shoting my video We’re going to be a farm somewhere far away … After the Shoot : There was an awesome moment when the sun broke through the clouds, it was when Patience was doing my video, can’t wait to see that. Great location, the other girls where very hot also Anneke for Abby Winters

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Laura T

Age: 23 Height: 166 After the Shoot : The shoot was in the bush. I had loads of fun.

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Caitlin T

Age: 19 Height: 153 Before the Shoot : I want make up :( There better be a heater its to cold lol :) Glad this isnt my first naked shoot :) Excited to shoot for Abby Winters though. Wanting to see my Babe though :) After the Shoot : My gut is hanging out haha :) Shoot was mad had fun with all the photos. Cant wait for another shoot with AW.