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Mia H

Age: 23 Height: 175 Before the Shoot : Back again, for my solo redux !!! looking forward to getting my toy out :) it’s a cold day, i’m sure i’ll warm up verrry fast ! After the Shoot : I loved it ! Max is always a pleasure to work with, and patience’s video graphing skills are tops ! I enjoyed playing on the chair… Mia H for Abby Winters

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Age: 20 Height: 164 Before the Shoot : Eeeee! i’m a little nervous ..

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Katherine F

Age: 23 Height: 170 Before the Shoot : hi Everyone ! I’m about to do my redux shoot.

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Age: 19 Height: 168 Before the Shoot : Im so nervous and excited about my first time.

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Mandy M

Age: 20 Height: 154 City: Melbourne Before the Shoot : Hey guys, A good day at the beach… Hopefully its not to cold. I’m a bit worried that there will be heaps of people there but well see :) After the Shoot : Hi again, We just finished shooting at the beach..

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Age: 19 Height: 173 Before the Shoot : I’m so excited to be back ! I’ve been almost begging Abby to take me in again so i could come in and have more fun ! I’m feeling so excited. Lost for words, apparently it’s so cool that us … women get to feel so empowered …

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Age: 18 Height: 170 Before the Shoot : I’m tired but excited … it’s my second shoot for AW and its a ‘terrible’ day. But that’s alright i’m sure it will be fun fun fun.

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Age: 24 Height: 179 Before the Shoot : … excited of location and the team today ! surely very funny After the Shoot : It was really so funny, climbing into a tree and hanging around in the tree … i’m very excited to see the video and photos

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Age: 24 Height: 164 Before the Shoot : Very nervous ! After the Shoot : Still nervous .. just a bit … shooting was fun :) The people were great ! I had a good time today

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Age: 24 Height: 162 City: Melbourne Before the Shoot : Well I guess I’m nervous but excited too there is nothing like getting your gear off with a complete stranger while you get to know each other.

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Shelly B

Age: 20 City: Melbourne Before the Shoot : Im pretty excited it hasn’t been long since my last shoot so this will be cool. I love getting naked and it’s even more fun in front of a camera ! Can’t wait !! After the Shoot : That was fun !! A little cold rubbing cream into my skin but heaps of fun ! I was a lot nervous, i hope it didn’t show !! Shelly B for Abby Winters

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Age: 20 Height: 169 City: Melbourne Before the Shoot : Mon prénom est Ariel, j’ai 20 ans presque 21 ans et je suis arrivée en Australie il y

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Jade S

Before the Shoot : Looking forward to my last shoot of the week for AW ! I’m excited and really happy about how the weeks going and I can’t wait to get back to England to see my friends :) Enjoy … After the Shoot : I loved my shoot today ! I love AW soooo much they are THE best ! My video was really sexy and I was really horny :) I got really wet and wild

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Age: 24 Height: 172 City: Melbourne Before the Shoot : Scared, nervous, excited !! New toy yay !! Lets get started ! After the Shoot : Relaxed, happy, got a new toy ! Satisfied Had a great time ! Cheers Augustine for Abby Winters

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Age: 25 Height: 175 City: Melbourne Before the Shoot : This afternoons shoot is going to be romantic because : it’s a sunset shoot Patience is shoting my video We’re going to be a farm somewhere far away … After the Shoot : There was an awesome moment when the sun broke through the clouds, it was when Patience was doing my video, can’t wait to see that. Great location, the other girls where very hot also Anneke for Abby Winters

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Laura T

Age: 23 Height: 166 After the Shoot : The shoot was in the bush. I had loads of fun.

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Joanna M

Age: 18 Height: 171 Before the Shoot : I’m usualy heaps grumpy first thing in the morning, but today i feel great ! Maybe coz it’s such a gorgeous day, or maybe coz I get to do a shoot ! so excited !! After the Shoot : I’m super tired.