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Age: 20 Height: 164 Before the Shoot : Eeeee! i’m a little nervous ..

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Before the Shoot : I’m not nervous I let it all come over me ! After the Shoot : I’m really happy to work with abbywinters. I feld so relax doing al the things.

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Linnea Age: 23 Height: 167 Before the Shoot : Feeling a bit worried and very nervous about today. I ve never done this before so I hope it turns out ok. After the Shoot : Just finished the shoot and Im feeling much more confident and comfortable.

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Renae D

Before the Shoot : I’m doing a solo again today and I think I am going to mix it up a little from last time if I don’t get too shy. Wish me luck ! Either was I know it will be fun since I’ll get to have a cha and talk someone’s head off. After the Shoot : I had such a great time with Nichole.