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read-my-cunt-lips: “Just sittin here with my fingers in my…

read-my-cunt-lips : “Just sittin here with my fingers in my cunt”

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Ex Girlfriend Playing with Herself

My gawd! With a hot ass, like that, she could have a face like a Mac truck and I wouldn’t care; just as long as she keeps her bare ass in the air. The fact that she keeps those holes in such a clean and pristine condition only increases my desire to break through the monitor and have my way with her. The way she has her lips wrapped around that pussy-flavored sucker tells me she has some other delightful talents, as well

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Eden Suicide

Check out Eden on Suicide Girls . I am a big fan of tan lines and Eden has amazing lips and eyes so I support this girl fully. I also once had a huge crush on a girl named Eden and then she totally one night standed me which sucked but at least I have a lot of photos and a pretty great video to remember it