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Natasha M

Age: 23 Height: 175 City: Melbourne Before the shoot : I’m really looking forward to playing around today on my shoot. It’s going to be a laugh with Jacki and Emmalee filming. Never don anything like this before so it’s all new ..

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Age: 23 | Height: 153 cm | Leo Before the Shoot : Woo ! Hoo ! This shoot is going to be outdoors which I love because being naked ooutdoors males me feel so free nad confident. Also shooting with lollypops hee hee should be fun

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Eliza S & Sebastien

Before the Shoot : Eliza S : Eliza is my name, nice to meet you ! I’m excited about getting down with mon homme ! He is so hot and as an amazing body ! He makes me scream ( in French of course oh ouiii ! ) Sebastien : Today I’m trying something totally new and exciting … getting my girldriend naked and having sex with her in front of a camera … To be frank I’m a little bit nervous, but I can’t wait to hear her screaming my name.

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Shelly B

Age: 20 City: Melbourne Before the Shoot : Im pretty excited it hasn’t been long since my last shoot so this will be cool. I love getting naked and it’s even more fun in front of a camera ! Can’t wait !! After the Shoot : That was fun !! A little cold rubbing cream into my skin but heaps of fun ! I was a lot nervous, i hope it didn’t show !! Shelly B for Abby Winters

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Before the Shoot : I whas eating a lovely sandwich and I wass not nervous at all. After the Shoot : I whas really happy because it whas a great day and everything goes right

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Age: 25 | Height: 152 cm | Libra Before the Shoot : I have a picture in my mind of a smokey atmosphere and me coming out all dolled up and feelin sexy and horny and the whole day/night will be mine and whoever I desire very erotic and sensual. mm mmm! After the Shoot : Holy crap !!! Whatta fun shoot.

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Laura T

Age: 23 Height: 166 After the Shoot : The shoot was in the bush. I had loads of fun.

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Kylie H

Follow the beautiful dark haired Kylie into the long grass as she takes you deep into the heart of a hot, sticky and very humid outdoor location! Moving down the path her cute and very short little skirt lifts, giving you glimpses of her cute little bum.

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Joanna M

Age: 18 Height: 171 Before the Shoot : I’m usualy heaps grumpy first thing in the morning, but today i feel great ! Maybe coz it’s such a gorgeous day, or maybe coz I get to do a shoot ! so excited !! After the Shoot : I’m super tired.

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Before the Shoot : So sleepi, dindt want to get out of my bed ! Solo shoot today, hope I start feeling sexier in bit. Looked at the fantasy book to get myself in mood to play …

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Age: 25 | Height: 168 cm | Sagittarius Before the Shoot : It looks like its going to rain really soon. I love this weather.

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Anabela & Maria S

Age: 20 Height: 170,172 Before the Shoot : Anabela : We’re just about to go out for a yummy breakfast and i’ve just met Maria, she has a very pretty face and a hot body.. I can’t wait! Maria S : Have just met Anabela, she is very cute, I can’t wait to get to know her a little better hehehe ! Looking forward to a very fun filled day ! After the Shoot : Anabela : Wow I’m tired ! Maria left me speechless in the bedroom, i could hardly catch my breath ! love it ! Maria S : Had a really intence shoot with Anabela, she was sooo freaky amazing and i must say she has the sexiest body !!! Ahhh so so so good !! Anabela & Maria S for Abby Winters

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Before the Shoot : Let’s have some FUN. Today a rainy-day in July ! After the Shoot : Happy and tired but lot’s of fun. Feeling beautiful.