a gosto (abraço)

Bárbara Hang, Astrid Grosschadl, Melina Giambastiani, María Agustina Cámara, Ines Maas, Yohana Ardila Saavedra, Macarena Orueta, Mailen Madsen, Caterina Mora, Natalia Casais, Paula Budnik, Florencia Delpino, María Josefina Guelfi, Jimena Perez Salerno, Paula Juravsky uma sugestão dançada de lu*a, de “Madame” por Leticia Mazur, para Ciudanza 2011 em Buenos Aires, Argentina

Image Urantsetseg-Munkhbat-Nipple-Slip-At-The-2012-London-Summer-Olympics-009.jpg

Urantsetseg Munkhbat Nipple Slip At The 2012 London Summer Olympics

Here is the first nipple slip of the 2012 London Summer Olympics and it doesn’t even involve women’s water polo… The woman with her nipple on display is Urantsetseg Munkhbat of Mongolia and her opponent is Paula Pareto of Argentina. This nip slip incident occurred during a bronze medal quarter-final match of the women’s 48kg judo competition at ExCel Arena on Saturday… Urantsetseg Munkhba apparently was unable to escape the disrobing grasp of her judo competitor.

Image Julieta-Ponce-for-Playboy-Magazine-Argentina.jpg

Julieta Ponce for Playboy Magazine Argentina

Julieta Ponce was actually just on ohfree yesterday, though, lets be honest, it was a tame photo shoot. Well, thankfully those awesome people at Playboy (the overseas people) got her not only naked, but VERY provocative, and there is NOTHING left to the imagination. Julieta Ponce for Playboy Magazine Argentina

Image metmodels-viki-lotus.jpg

Met Model: Viki B. in “LOTUS” by Mukha Maksim

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