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Mia H

Age: 23 Height: 175 Before the Shoot : Back again, for my solo redux !!! looking forward to getting my toy out :) it’s a cold day, i’m sure i’ll warm up verrry fast ! After the Shoot : I loved it ! Max is always a pleasure to work with, and patience’s video graphing skills are tops ! I enjoyed playing on the chair… Mia H for Abby Winters

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Age: 26 | Height: 165 cm | Libra Before the Shoot : It’s Alma here ! I’m back for more … fun !! After the Shoot : I had an awesome day ! Hope to see you again soon Alma for Abby Winters

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Glynn & Alinta

Age: 21 Height: 167 City: Melbourne Before the Shoot : Before doing my first Teir 2 I was pretty nervous had million different thoughts running thru my mind not knowing what to expect but at the same time really excited with the adrenaline pumping. After the Shoot : I had a rush of mixed feelings I still couldn’t believe that I actually did it but I was really happy that I did was my first girl on girl experience and Im glad to share with abby :) Alinta for Abby Winters Before the Shoot : Hey ( again!) from the glorious glynn!!! ( and gorgeous, great, etc …) Weel you couldn’t keep me away long… I think I just might be an exibitionist, I love doing shoots for this site! I’m looking forward especially to getting nekkid with Alinta (hehehe !!!) Anyways off to it! After the Shoot : Guess what

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Age: 20 Height: 170 City: Melbourne Before the Shoot : Its my second shooting but i’m still exited ! Und es ist Freidag ich freu mich schon aufs Wochenende After the Shoot : Today I had a bath. It was fun to play in the warm water ! Violeta for Abby Winters

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Age: 27 Height: 170 Before the Shoot : I am happy the sun is shinning and the coffee is nice. After the Shoot : So tired but happy. Thanks for that Dita for Abby Winters

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Shelly B

Age: 20 City: Melbourne Before the Shoot : Im pretty excited it hasn’t been long since my last shoot so this will be cool. I love getting naked and it’s even more fun in front of a camera ! Can’t wait !! After the Shoot : That was fun !! A little cold rubbing cream into my skin but heaps of fun ! I was a lot nervous, i hope it didn’t show !! Shelly B for Abby Winters

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Lena J

Before the Shoot : I’m so excited !!! And I’m so proud of myself that I decided to become a model for Abby Winters ! I made sure to look my best today, and I look fantastic ! After the Shoot : I’ve had a fantastic shoot! Everybody was very nice to me and I can honestly say that this was the best shoot I’ve ever had ! I want to thank everyone from the team ! Lena J for Abby Winters

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Age: 24 Height: 172 City: Melbourne Before the Shoot : Scared, nervous, excited !! New toy yay !! Lets get started ! After the Shoot : Relaxed, happy, got a new toy ! Satisfied Had a great time ! Cheers Augustine for Abby Winters

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Age: 25 Height: 175 City: Melbourne Before the Shoot : This afternoons shoot is going to be romantic because : it’s a sunset shoot Patience is shoting my video We’re going to be a farm somewhere far away … After the Shoot : There was an awesome moment when the sun broke through the clouds, it was when Patience was doing my video, can’t wait to see that. Great location, the other girls where very hot also Anneke for Abby Winters

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Caitlin T

Age: 19 Height: 153 Before the Shoot : I want make up :( There better be a heater its to cold lol :) Glad this isnt my first naked shoot :) Excited to shoot for Abby Winters though. Wanting to see my Babe though :) After the Shoot : My gut is hanging out haha :) Shoot was mad had fun with all the photos. Cant wait for another shoot with AW.

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Anabela & Maria S

Age: 20 Height: 170,172 Before the Shoot : Anabela : We’re just about to go out for a yummy breakfast and i’ve just met Maria, she has a very pretty face and a hot body.. I can’t wait! Maria S : Have just met Anabela, she is very cute, I can’t wait to get to know her a little better hehehe ! Looking forward to a very fun filled day ! After the Shoot : Anabela : Wow I’m tired ! Maria left me speechless in the bedroom, i could hardly catch my breath ! love it ! Maria S : Had a really intence shoot with Anabela, she was sooo freaky amazing and i must say she has the sexiest body !!! Ahhh so so so good !! Anabela & Maria S for Abby Winters

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Caramel S

Before the Shoot : I am so excited before my shooting ! Can’t stop waiting for it ! I feel a little bit shy, as it’s my first video shooting ! After the Shoot : I enjoyed shooting so much ! My dream came true. I posed like a real model ! I won’t stop on this !!! Caramel S for Abby Winters