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Hot Wife Ann Sends us Valentines Wishes

Hi, It’s been a while but we could not refuse sending in and sharing yet another Valentine’s theme dare for all of … READ THE REST HERE . THE DARE GIRLS AFTER A HOT GAME

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Caroline Strips Down in Her Spare Room

Hello, My wife Caroline and I have been loyal readers ever since we found it last year and love seeing all the dares.

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Blindfolded Wife Has Pics Taken

Hi Webmaster, Here is my wife all ready for me. We take turns being the one tied up and have to do everything the other says.

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Great Girls Vids for $ 1 – Hot Videos

Hi, It seemed that many of you still like the amateurs girlfriends vids and again most of you liked the price even more ( $1 ). – Webmaster SEE THE PREVIEW HERE .

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Wifey & Her First Pics

Hello, Finally got the Wifey to email me a few pics…this is our first dare… she would love to hear some hot comments so i can convince … READ THE REST HERE .

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The Math Teacher Sends in More

Hi, We love the comments and pictures that everyone has sent us. So a little more for your eyes this time. These where taken three days ago while I was getting ready to leave …

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Ashley’s Present for her BF

Hi Webmaster, Hope this email finds you. My name is Ashley and these pitures are a Valentine’s present to my boyfriend back home who loves your site and has been ..

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Valentine Wife Sending in a Sexier Set

Hi, We both really enjoyed the comments that we got from our pictures, and my wife decided to let me do another set of pictures. She is slowly getting more daring and letting me take more pictures with less clothing. She has been doing dares around the house the week – and went down the …

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Cathy and Her Grocery Store Dare

Hi Readers, We attached a whole bunch of pics and webmaster feel free to use the ones you want. They are from a hot night we had together a couple of days ago. But our dare last night was even more exciting for us which is why we are posting.

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Beach Wife

Hello, We’ve seen alot of pictures of women who get daring and go topless for their first time on beaches. Well, my wife did that plus took off her bottoms! The beach allowed topless bathing and so …

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Katie Wearing Sexy Black Boots

Hi Again, We’ve been pretty busy lately, but not too busy to forget about all Katies fans!! She’s had her boots on again (and been up to no good!).

Image carflashing3-737508.jpg

Car Flashing Wife

Hello, I decided that after watching Kelly do it that I would too.

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Whitney Back from a Sexy Trip

Hi Webmaster, My boyfriend and I recently returned from a trip out of town. We had plenty of fun having sex in a bunch of new places

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‘Bra Pics’ Wife Won Some Money at the Casino

Hi Webmaster, We went to the casino one night out and had a bit of a win. Before we spent it we … READ THE REST HERE .

Flashing Wife Likes Truckers

Hi All, My husband and I were driving and we came upon some truck drivers and he dared me to strip and put on a show. So we pulled up beside him and I turned on the dome … READ THE REST HERE

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Amelia Saying ‘hi’ from Australia

Hey, This is Amelia here and a shout out to all the Auzzies on your site. My boyfriend and I are fans and like to read the dares when we are together. We took a few ..